Disk Usage Utilities

If you want to look at how much disk space is being used and what particular large files are on your system there exists many disk space usage analyzer utilities that incorporate information visualization techniques such as Treemaps and Sunbursts to display this information.

Above is an example of the files on my university account system displayed with a tool called Filelight. Other disk usage tools are listed on the Software Visualization Tools page.

There is a conception that Treemaps and Sunbursts are not good ways for displaying this kind of information. A paper at InfoVis 2010 on
Uncovering Strengths and Weaknesses of Radial Visualizations—an Empirical Approach by Stephan Diehl, Fabian Beck, and Michael Burch, found cartesian visualizations outperform their radial counterparts (e.g. sunbursts) especially with respect to answer times.


About Craig Anslow

Craig Anslow is a Lecturer in Software Engineering at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, with research interests in software visualization.
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