Social Network Analysis and Software Visualization

There are few tools for visualizing the evolution of software such as code_swarm and Gource. These tools provide great visualizations, however the “analysis” part is generally left up to the end user.

Jermakovics, Sillitti and Succi from the University of Bolzano adopt social network analysis algorithms and apply it to their Lagrein software metrics visualization tool in their paper Mining and Visualization Developer Networks from Version Control Systems to appear at the CHASE 2011 workshop at ICSE 2011. Their experience of using this tool with two closed source projects and the Eclipse DTP project revealed the underlying team structures. What would be interesting is to apply this to many more projects and to show some other information visualization techniques besides graphs. There are other papers on software visualization at ICSE 2011 too.

Another tool that looks at Social Network Analysis and Software Visualization is Erik Trainer and David Redmiles (UC Irvine) Ariadne tool which is a Java-based plug-in to the Eclipse IDE that visualizes the social networks present in distributed software projects using the prefuse toolkit.


About Craig Anslow

Craig Anslow is a Lecturer in Software Engineering at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, with research interests in software visualization.
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