Gestures for Refactoring Software

Keyboard Shortcuts (or hotkeys) and Mouse gestures for many computer applications such as the Firefox web browser mouse gestures add on have been very popular and help improve the speed at which the user can control the computer interface.

Emerson Murphy-Hill and his colleagues have adopted hotkeys and mouse gestures in the Eclipse IDE for refactoring software (refactoring methods from Martin Fowler). They do this by providing a memorable mapping from gestures to refactoring methods and they implement the concept in the form of marking menus (e.g. pie menus) which work with hotkeys and the mouse. They had a paper entitled Restructuring Software with Gestures (CiteSeer Link) which was presented at VLHCC 2011.

A short video illustrates Refactoring Software with Gestures in action.

About Craig Anslow

Craig Anslow is a Lecturer in Software Engineering at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, with research interests in software visualization.
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