Syde – Supporting Team Collaboration

Syde, by Lile Palma Hattori at the University of Lugano, is a collection of Eclipse plug-ins to ease collaboration among developers who are working on a multi-developer project. Syde aims at increasing individual awareness of the team activity. Awareness can be described as a means by which team members can become aware of the work of others that is interdependent with their current tasks, therefore enabling better coordination of teams.

The Scamp plug-in visually shows which classes are or have recently been under edition. The contributions of Scamp are highlighted on red on the screenshot below. Scamp adds annotations on the package explorer and the outline view to inform who and when the last change was done. It also comprises of the “Monitor Project” view, which has two visualizations:

  • WordCloud View, shows in chronological order classes recently changed and indicates who has changed it the last with colors. The size of word represents the amount of changes recently perfomed on each class. The number of changes is shown beside each class. Each class is colored according to the color of the last developer to change it. To find out the name of the developer associated with a color, hover over the class name.
  • Buckets View, which shows the evolution of recently changed classes in terms of amount of changes. Each class is represented by a bucket that is filled by small rectangles, each representing a change on this class. The rectangle is colored with the color of the developer who performed the change, and the name of the class has the color of the developer who has performed the greater number of changes on it.

About Craig Anslow

Craig Anslow is a Lecturer in Software Engineering at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, with research interests in software visualization.
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