Visualisations of Impact and Differences for Multi-version Dependency Data

Research Assistant position:
Visualisations of Impact and Differences for Multi-version Dependency Data

Oracle Labs, Australia offers a six-month, full-time internship in the
Program Analysis group, starting within the June to November 2017 timeframe.

Frappe is a code-comprehension tool that helps developers understand and
navigate dependencies in their code. It allows the impact of code changes
to be determined by executing queries on a graph of code dependencies. The
current version of Frappe’s UI displays a single version of code as a
visual representation of that code.

The aim of this project is to explore, design and develop extensions to the
Frappe UI to show impact and difference for multi-version dependency data.

Oracle Labs Australia is passionate about improving the quality of software
and the productivity of developers. We research and develop new techniques
in program analysis as it applies to a variety of domains, including
bug-checking, security analysis, cyber security, productivity tools,
testing, and more.

We are best known for our research on static-code analysis that led to
scalable and precise bug-checking algorithms embedded in the Oracle Parfait
tool. For more information, visit

Oracle internships give students valuable industry experience and the
chance to work on cutting-edge research projects with real-world
applications. Students also have the chance to explore Brisbane and
discover its many treasures.

Supervisor: David Meibusch

David is a member of the Frappe project at Oracle Labs, Brisbane. He has a
Bachelor of Computer Science and a Bachelor of Computing Systems
Engineering from the University of Queensland (UQ).

About this position

You will:
* work independently, with guidance form your supervisor, to explore,
design and develop extensions to the Frappe web UI to show impact and
difference for multi-version dependency data
* meet with your supervisor regularly for guidance and discussion about
ways to solve the problem
* attend team meetings and give updates on your work
* present your findings and outcomes to the group.

You will be expected to:
* be enrolled in a Masters degree or an undergraduate degree in Computer
Science or Software Engineering
* have experience with a JavaScript UI framework
* have a keen interest in data visualisation
* demonstrate ability to work independently and collaboratively.

* These positions are paid at current industry rates.
* Travel and visa costs for overseas applicants will be reimbursed.
* Ongoing learning is fundamental to our daily work to keep us at the
cutting edge.
* International speakers visit and present their research to us.

Apply here, please include all academic transcripts in your application:

For general questions about the position, contact Juliette Hatton (


About Craig Anslow

Craig Anslow is a Lecturer in Software Engineering at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, with research interests in software visualization.
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