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Visual Support for Working with Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are a cool thing—until you wrote your first expression with more than a dozen of characters. Then, regular expressions basically become a mess: just after you wrote expression, you likely already forgot what the initial [^[\]] meant and … Continue reading

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Visualizing Code Couplings: Node-Link Diagrams

From an abstract point of view, software systems can be considered as a set of entities connected by dependencies or code couplings such as method calls. We might also consider that entities inherit or aggregate, that they are changed together, … Continue reading

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An Introduction to the Multi-touch For Java (MT4j) Toolkit

I recently gave an introduction to the Multi-touch For Java (MT4j) toolkit to my local Java User Group in Wellington, New Zealand, May 2012. Assisted by two masters students in our research group. It is primarily aimed at getting people … Continue reading

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Syde – Supporting Team Collaboration

Syde, by Lile Palma Hattori at the University of Lugano, is a collection of Eclipse plug-ins to ease collaboration among developers who are working on a multi-developer project. Syde aims at increasing individual awareness of the team activity. Awareness can … Continue reading

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Software Quality – You Know It when You See It

Following on from Erik Doernenberg‘s (ThoughtWorks) earlier interview by InfoQ, Erik Doernenburg on Software Visualization see the InfoQ interview. A new video of a presentation by Erik was filmed at QCon London 2011 has now been made available Software Quality … Continue reading

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Visualizing Call Graphs

Struggling to navigate and explore code control flow? Then perhaps use REACHER an Eclipse IDE plugin tool developed by Thomas La Toza to visualize call graphs. A paper entitled Visualizing Call Graphs by Thomas La Toza was presented at VLHCC … Continue reading

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Architecture Explorer

My colleagues at Massey University, New Zealand, Jens Dietrich have created a tool called Architecture Explorer. It is a dependency graph analysis tool which is server-based. It supports several metrics, perspectives, antipatterns, and tangle analysis. Corpus programs are preloaded (‘select … Continue reading

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