Software Visualization Definitions

The use of computer graphics to facilitate the understanding of software.
Michele Lanza. Software Visualization 101, 2008.

Software visualization encompasses the development and evaluation of methods for graphically representing different aspects of software, including its structure, its execution, and its evolution. Software visualization combines techniques from areas like software engineering, programming languages, data mining, computer graphics, information visualization and human-computer interaction.
Stephan Diehl, Software Visualization Visualizing the Structure, Behaviour, and Evolution of Software, 2007.

The use of the crafts of typography, graphic design, animation, and cinematography with modern human-computer interaction and computer graphics technology to facilitate both the human understanding and effective use of computer software.
John T. Stasko, John B. Domingue, Marc H. Brown, Blaine A. Price. Software Visualization: Programming as a Multimedia Experience, 1998.

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