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Visualizing Code Couplings: Node-Link Diagrams

From an abstract point of view, software systems can be considered as a set of entities connected by dependencies or code couplings such as method calls. We might also consider that entities inherit or aggregate, that they are changed together, … Continue reading

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Caserta and Zendra: “Visualization of the Static Aspects of Software: A Survey”

Software visualization is an active field of research positioned between software engineering and information visualization. Although there exist events like SoftVis and VISSOFT, papers on software visualization are scattered across many conferences and journals—survey articles that summarize and structure recent … Continue reading

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Toxicity Chart

Erik Doernenberg from ThoughtWorks has created the Toxicity Chart which is a neat “practical” visualization displayed as a bar chart in a spreadsheet that shows what classes in your system are toxic as defined by classes being larger than a … Continue reading

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Software Quality – You Know It when You See It

Following on from Erik Doernenberg‘s (ThoughtWorks) earlier interview by InfoQ, Erik Doernenburg on Software Visualization see the InfoQ interview. A new video of a presentation by Erik was filmed at QCon London 2011 has now been made available Software Quality … Continue reading

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WETSoM 2011

The 2nd International Workshop on Emerging Trends in Software Metrics (WETSoM) will be held at ICSE 2011 in Hawaii and the advance program is available including links to the PDF versions of the papers. Abstract: The International Workshop on Emerging … Continue reading

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