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  5. scott says:

    You missed one of my favorite: Lattix ( It has support for Java, .NET, C/C++ and many other languages.

  6. Craig Anslow says:

    Great thanks for the reminder. I have seen a few demos of Lattix over the years. This page is a work in progress. We will add tools if we use them or recommendations like yourself. Thanks again.

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  8. Hi,
    Just wanted to share with you a couple of new software visualisation tools:

    1) Vera: This is an eclipse plugin that’s built specifically to be extended. Probably, it’s most valuable contribution is bringing Famix meta model to Java world, and providing a very rigid base on top of which other developers can build their own visualizations.

    2) Manhattan: Another interesting visualisation tool (eclipse plugin) that also uses Syde to nicely visualise team contributions on the fly. See:

    Hope this will be of value for others!

  9. There is a new member of the software visualization family, Sonargraph-Explorer, supporting Java, C# and C/C++. You can find details here: It would be great if you could update your post.

  10. Chris D says:

    Java Dependency visualization and some metrics
    No longer for sale, but the 500-class limit version is available for free.

  11. patmartin says:

    Consider Dex, for your list.

  12. Hi Craig.
    In 2013 we have been at the VISSOFT in Eindhoven. When listening to all those tools presentations the most commonly asked question was the following:

    “How well does that visualization scale?”

    After this we have been gathering a small team and started working on a new visualization tool that focuses on scaling well, even for bigger code bases. Almost three years have passed and after a lot of testing this is what the result looks like:

    I don’t know if you are still planning on updating this list but if you do, we want you to know that Coati is out there 😉

  13. Hi Craig,

    Sonargraph-Explorer is now a free tool for Java and C#. Its big brother Sonargraph-Architect is a commercial tool and includes all features of Explorer plus the ability to define architectural models and enforce them with a domain specific language for software architecture. Architect also supports scripting with Groovy, duplicate code detection, virtual refactorings and computation of break up sets for cyclic dependencies.

  14. Hi Craig,

    Structure101 and Restructure101 have now been combined with support for Java; .Net; and C/C++, Delphi/Pascal and Python when used in conjunction with Understand.

    best regards,

  15. Jonatan Kazmierczak says:

    Hi Craig,
    Another position: Class Visualizer – Free, interactive class diagrams generator from Java bytecode.

  16. Hi Craig,
    Softagram, Software architecture, dependency and development history visualization tool that is now available also via cloud is missing. Scales to over 30MLOC environments with support to most of the languages. Please consider to update:

  17. Hi Craig,

    here a quick update on Coati:
    * “Coati” has been renamed “Sourcetrail” quite some time ago (
    * Sourcetrail is now free for all non-commercial use (
    * Sourcetrail now also supports Python (
    Would be nice if you could update the entry in the list 🙂

    Best regards

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