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Caserta and Zendra: “Visualization of the Static Aspects of Software: A Survey”

Software visualization is an active field of research positioned between software engineering and information visualization. Although there exist events like SoftVis and VISSOFT, papers on software visualization are scattered across many conferences and journals—survey articles that summarize and structure recent … Continue reading

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Stacksplorer – Call Graph Navigation

Researchers in the Media Computing Group at Aachen University created Stacksplorer for navigating call graphs of software systems. They implemented the visualization technique in XCode as a plugin for ObjectiveC code. A paper on Stacksplorer: Call Graph Navigation Helps Increasing … Continue reading

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Visualizing Call Graphs

Struggling to navigate and explore code control flow? Then perhaps use REACHER an Eclipse IDE plugin tool developed by Thomas La Toza to visualize call graphs. A paper entitled Visualizing Call Graphs by Thomas La Toza was presented at VLHCC … Continue reading

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